ebf co-develops training programs and conduct both online and on-site training sessions focusing on energy-related topics in collaboration with IFAS. Additionally, ebf develops and leads sessions on the Cradle to Cradle approach in greenhouse construction.
ebf has pioneered the development and construction of the pilot GROOF rooftop greenhouse in North-West Europe, located in Bürstadt, Germany.

ebf is deeply committed to promoting and actively supporting the concept of local sustainable farming and food production in a circular economy, both in urban and rural environments. This commitment serves as the foundation for closing the loops of energy, nutrients, and materials in an environmentally friendly manner. Our core principles include Cradle to Cradle design, organic cultivation, utilization of renewable energies, receycling and waste reduction, which we believe should be standard practices in societies to ensure collective well-being. The CEO of ebf GmbH is intrinsically motivated to drive forward these initiatives. With his involvement in the non-profit organization himmelgrün gGmbH (www.himmelgruen.org), he supports the education of the youngest members of our society by introducing them to horticultural and ecological aspects in a playful and exciting way. This initiative now reaches all children in his home region. The children are coming with their kindergarden or school classes once a month to the garden for planting, harvesting and cooking their favorite dishes.

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