Le Bureau d’Etudes de Gally emerged from a company of farmers and gardeners, Les Fermes de Gally. This origin grounds our vision, as well as our work, in practicality. What we conceive, we imagine both innovatively and practically, anticipating management, maintenance, and user appropriation.

Le Bureau d’Etudes de Gally is a landscape design office that redefines the urban-nature connection by developing useful, creative, and sustainable gardens and landscapes, serving both residents and biodiversity. Its approach relies on multidisciplinarity and collective intelligence to integrate shared knowledge into each project. The design office accompanies its clients from the scale of the garden to that of the broader landscape, with expertise in design & vegetation, urban biodiversity, and urban agriculture. From consulting to engineering, from diagnosis to project design, from concept to follow-up, a multidisciplinary team supports project owners.

For the urban agriculture, the design office bases its expertise on the three centuries of agricultural activities of Les Fermes de Gally, on the urban and peri-urban farms it has developed, and on the associated services it has created. This allows the team to support urban stakeholders in the profound transformation of their relationship with agriculture and aim for a more sustainable city.

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